Red Teaming

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming activity is a goal based security assessment, In which Red Team acts like a real world attacker or enemy to get a clear picture of security from their perspective. Unlike Pentesting, Red Teaming activity is designed to clearly demostrate, how can the malicious hackers/attackers can exploit the security vulnerabilities by chaining them together to acheive a bigger goal, mainly compromise the main infrastructure of the company.

Red team may consists of some internals from the company, but it is recommended to add externals in the red team to make a group that can think and act like an external real threat whose aim is to compromise the target using any type of attack vectors.

Red Team Stages & Methodology

Once you contact us for a Red Teaming activity, and the agreement is done we will be following this approch.

OSINT, Recon

Red Team will try to get as much information about the target as they can. This may also include the personal details of the company employees but not limited to the Networks, Apps and other infrastructure of the target.


After getting enough information about the target, red team will start a comprehensive pentest, to identify all types of vulnerabilities in the company's IT infrastructure.


Red Team will launch comprehensive phishing compaings by chaining the vulnerabilities identified before to get the maximum from the phishing or vishing compaingn.


Once red team has got the initial access to company's IT infrastructure, they will try to exploit other vulnerabilities to get much more deeper into the target.


Now red team will try to escalate their privileges to gain admin access to any of the company's system/server. Once they have got the admin access they will try to get admin domain and so on.


Once the desired goal is acheived, red team will prepare a comprehensive report about their red teaming activity. They will mention the complete story of the red teaming activity.

Red Team Stages and Methodology

Red Teaming Tactics

Red Teaming activity can uncover the possible threats that a Pentest may miss. Because the tactics and methodology used in the red teaming activity is more focused. Here are some common red team tactics that are used:

  • Phishing/Vishing
  • Network & Infrastructure Exploitation
  • Physical Security Exploitation
  • Application Exploitation

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