What is Pentesting (Penetration Testing)?

Pentesting or Penetration Testing is a type of assessment in which testers analyse and evaluate the overall security of the IT infrastructure. This infrastructure may include every thing but not limited to Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Thick Client Apps. The main aim of the pentest is to find the security flaws and vulnerabilities to remediate them before any attacker use them to damage your business or company.

Generally the pentest is conducted using two ways, manual pentesting and automatic pentesting. In manual pentest the whole test is performed in a classical manual way, on the other hand automatic pentest is performed in a modern way by using latest tools and techniques. We follow both ways side by side to get the maximum output from the pentest.

Pentest Stages

Planning and Preparation

Before the pentest begin, it is important for the tester to know about their target. The client and testers have to be aligned to make a proper understandings.


In this stage testers actually start pentesting. They start enumerating services and other usefull information they needed.


This stage is also know as the actual pentesting stage. In this stage pentesters start finding the security loopholes and vulnerabilities to exploit them and pretend like an actual attacker to know the impact of the vulnerability.


This stage is all about writing the report in an easy, but comprehensive way so the clients understand and easily plan to remediate these vulnerabilities.


Now this stage is for the clients, they have the report and the knowledge about the security vulnerabilities and their impacts, they have to set the priority for fixing these vulnerabilities. Once these vulnerabilities are fixed, testers will perform retest to enusre the remediation applied are working properly.

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How Often you should Schedule Pentest

Pentest should be performed on monthly basis, because it will reveal the emerging threats and you will be able to eliminate it before any mishav. It is recommended to schedule Pentest if:

  • Changes in Infrastructure/Application
  • New Products acquired
  • Security Patch Applied
  • Pushing code from Stage to Production
  • Opening new office

Looking to Schedule a Pentest

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