We offer wide range of Cyber Security Services

We have necessary tools and skills required to provide all types of cyber security services.

Synack Tech | Cyber Security Services

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We are experts of Cyber Security

Our team is one of the most professional and experienced in terms of providing Cyber Security services. We provide wide range of services not limited to Pentesting and Red Teaming activities

Synack Tech | Cyber Security Services

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We provide wide range of services

Cloud Migration

Planning migration to cloud? We offer cloud migration services for all cloud providers.

Cloud Security

We proudly offer cloud security that includes all types of cloud service providers

Cloud Management

Struggling managing cloud resources? We offer state of the art cloud management services

Business Solution Development

Have a business idea? We will help developing a business solution for your idea

Application Security

We offer complete application security including the architecture review, infrastructure security, threat identifying and SAST/DAST


We also provide traning to ensure the shared responsibility model of Cyber Security.

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